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Do you want to customize the background of your Wizzmo? This section is for you! To use a specific background just place it under /sdcard/wizzmo/background/ and select the "Use custom background" option by pressing the MENU button of your Android phone.
If you want to design your own new background, feel free to download this Photoshop CS3-5 template. Once you are finished with your creative work, save your file as PNG (you can use the alpha option) and name it background.png.
This background could fit well with your Fiat 500 Abarth
Paint Drops
Do you like colorful designs?
Pole Position
If you are a fan of Sebastian Vettel, this background is for you!
Orange RS
Why not using this with your Ford RS car ?
Skimmies are used by vehicule manufacturers to hide the design of their prototypes from the paparazzi.
Union Jack Flag

If you want to share your background just use the contact form and send us a link to your page or your background

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