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Discover all the features you get with Wizzmo.
1. Speedometer
The speedometer view enables you to visualize your current speed in a new way. First you will get a colored gauge visualization like in famous racing cars. Extracting all the GPS information, the speedometer will also help you to better control your way of driving. In fact if you are a tree hugger (and still driving a motored car) a flower indicator will instantaneously show you if your speed is really ecologic or not. The current temperature is also displayed.
2. Welcome to the race!
Feel like a Formula One driver: the racing mode enables you to see the road and snap pictures and record videos while driving; and of course you can customize your camera's view with nice TV visuals displays.

If you are rather the kind of person who wants to impress the neighborhood, why not switching to the exclusive “Cool" mode. In this mode you can activate a custom honk sound (e.g. in order to impress the girls, we highly recommend to connect the audio output to an external loudspeaker that can be placed under the car’s hood) and play with a 4 fragrance accelerometer based magic tree. Believe us, riding around the corners and in a roundabout couldn’t be funnier.


3. Video
Once you have activated your “Cool" mode, now it’s time to impress your friends with the most coolest feature: video player. Every famous rapper has his video displays in its SUV or cool ride. You don’t need to change your way of life to act like them: take out your favorite Android phone or tablet out of your pocket and select your favorite videos. It’s pretty gangsta to cruise through your neighbor with the latest video clips encode with the standard Adobe FLV - Format). The best usage of the Wizzmo video feature is to watch your downloaded TV series while being stuck in a traffic jam!
And don’t be scared to get caught by the police watching videos while driving: Wizzmo integrates an intelligent automatic video switch-off mode, that will hide the video display when you drive over 35 km/h without turning off the music and the sound. The album cover of the video clip you were watching will be automatically displayed instead of the video and in someway this feature was also integrated for your safety!

Safety note: Don't drive while watching videos!
4. Customize it!

You've just customized your ride with some nice stickers? Do you have a favorite color or a favorite motive? Why not doing the same with Wizzmo?
With the custom background option, you can easily change the theme of Wizzmo. Just unleash your creative skills and upload your background pic onto your SDCard and enjoy your new design!

And if you are too lazy to design a new theme, the Downloads section lets you discover a nice selection of the coolest community designed backgrounds.


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We highly recommend to use Wizzmo in your car. For better results and we really love to use it on a Dell Streak or on an HTC Desire. Learn more >>>
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